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June 12, 2019

Welcome to Warrior Endurance

“We are one” is not just another corporate tagline. It is the philosophical nucleus from which stemmed one of the first – if not THE first – endurance events and team-building experiences production organizations in The Great White North: Warrior Endurance.

As purely Canadian as Maple Syrup, but 100 times tougher, Warrior Endurance promises to bring top-quality life-changing challenges to the Eastern parts of the country initially… and carry its sometimes painful – read always empowering – lessons Coast-to-Coast within the next 5 years.

Humility. Unity. Growth.

Whether participants in our endurance events are individuals seeking a renewed sense of purpose or a group of coworkers looking to improve on teamwork efficiency, all are going to experience physical and mental challenges meant to stimulate our 3 core values: humility, unity and growth.

In a modern society where the M.O. is the accumulation of comfort and the encouragement of complaint, I humbly think W.E. will bring an enriching philosophical counterbalance and a must-needed vector for fundamental human development.
Sensei Pascal Déry – Lead Coordinator, Warrior Endurance

What is an endurance event ?

Heavy carries, complex riddles under duress, twisted physical training, natural obstacles to overcome: these are a few examples of the challenges you and your cohort will face during endurance events like ours. In order to succeed, your ability to work cohesively is absolutely essential. Teamwork is key.

Making better humans
Participation in our events will elicit the following:
  • Accelerated problem-solving skills
  • Enhanced teamwork capability and productivity
  • Deeper knowledge of self
  • Augmented leadership aptitudes 
  • Increased stress management

In sum, Warrior Endurance promises you two things: we will push you beyond your limits and you will become stronger for it.

An experienced team of event Leaders

Top-quality experiences require top-quality production. And that is another promise from Warrior Endurance: putting you in the hands of the best event leaders in the World. Period.

We all fight wars – in our work, within our families and abroad in the wider world.
Steven Pressfield – The Warrior Ethos

From a plurality of backgrounds – ranging from martial arts to obstacles racing, from the military to survivalism – our Leaders will provide you with the most inventive, profound and exquisitely challenging events north of the border. 

It is hundreds of hours of experience – leading and participating – and years of knowledge that have forged your guides. You and your team are in very good hands. Put your ego aside, shut up and listen: our dedicated leaders have humble lessons to teach you. 

Are you ready ?

Yes, you are. No matter your level of fitness, the team is there for you. Regardless of your self-doubts, the team is there for you. And you will be there for the team, too. It will need you.

Your journey begins Saturday, August 24th @ Ski Saint-Bruno in Montréal, Qc. Register now and evolve.

We are W.E.

It is no coincidence that our initials are W.E. Now, you get it.

Together, we will prevail. Together, we will endure. Together, we will unite.


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